Vallourec University

Vallourec University is a global training program for Vallourec employees, around the world. It is a center of excellence where 2,500 managers and 400 front line staff can learn, share and develop their capacities for e.g. creativity, innovation and customer service.
The objectives are to:

  • Ensure a common understanding of the values of Vallourec and corporate culture.
  • Foster strategic, managerial and technical excellence to develop the Group's competitive advantage.

A learning center based on 4 major pillars

Through virtual classrooms, sessions on-sites or at Group headquarters, Vallourec University offers a customized variety of training courses. Each key pillar of the Vallourec University's strategy ensures development of skills of the Group's entire workforce:

Vallourec Core leadership: deals with specific difficulties experienced in terms of management, leadership and facing business challenges.

Training upon demand: focuses on what's most important for Vallourec today: Intercultural Training, Project Management, Public Speaking and Finance for non-specialists.

Functional training: aims at improving practical skills and techniques for each job "family".

Operational Excellence training: provides the Group's core processes and priorities, technologies and guidelines, which contribute to the development of a unified corporate culture.