Vallourec Group is a world leader in premium tubular solutions primarily serving the energy markets, as well as other industrial applications. Therefore its mission is to build long-term relations with its customers and design reliable solutions in order to be worthy of the trust of its customers and of all its partners.

Vallourec aligns its actions with customer expectations and is committed to meeting the challenge of managing and exploiting the Earth’s resources as responsibly as possible, while reducing the environmental footprint from its industrial activity. The Group also seeks to foster fair relations with its partners and create internal working conditions based on the fundamental values and principles of the Group’s Code of ethics, the “Vallourec Way”.

In order to address these stakes, Vallourec commits to act as a responsible company to achieve the following targets:

Ensure the sustainability of our business with competitive and innovative products:

Contribute to the safety and performance of our customers’ business operations;

Work with our customers to meet their expectations and facilitate their actions regarding sustainable development;

Innovate and invest in Research & Development to deliver efficient, reliable, competitive and environmentally friendly products;

Achieve operational excellence;

Conquer new markets.

Maintain sustainable relations with our stakeholders:

Ensure the safety and protect the health of our employees; provide each of them with good working conditions;

Train and motivate our employees by developing skills, recognizing expertise, promoting talents and developing careers;

Provide employees with satisfactory and fair compensation taking into account their contribution to the company’s performance;

Meet our shareholders' expectations over time;

Understand the expectations of local communities and stakeholders and take into account their interests in our actions toward them;

Establish a network of reliable and responsible suppliers;

Communicate about our activities to all stakeholders.

Protect our environment and use our resources wisely:

Respect our environment and protect biodiversity by preventing all pollution, reducing water consumption, recovering waste and reducing disturbances;

Limit the use of natural resources and implement clean and safe technologies;

Improve the energy efficiency of our equipment and reduce the carbon emissions of our production processes.

Sustainability Report